Huffingtonpost Ripping off Infographic

They can steal your content…

But they can never steal your creativity

Yesterday I got a nice Infographic forwarded. This Infographic was about eBay, and showed the 14 years of eBay. The Infographic was posted on the well known Huffingtonpost. (link). Here is the Infographic:

Online University
Via: Online University

The interesting thing in the post from the Huffingtonpost was the fact they made the infographic available for publication on your own site, through displaying a sniplet of html code you can use:


However, instead of using the code the original creators of the infographic, which is available at Online University, The Huffingtonpost placed their own link in the sniplet of the code to link to their own site. However, they kept the image location pointing at the location on the Online University server, not to eat up their own bandwidth.

This is so wrong from The Huffingtonpost. They have the larger audience, and will pick up so many free links from the fact the infographic will get displayed on multiple websites, while not spending any on the creativity nor the design of the infographic. One simple remedy to solve this is to swap the image on the Online University server with a different one, which would have the effect all the websites displaying the infographic would show something else. However, pulling a on your own users is probably not something Online University would like to burn their hands on.

My respect for The huffingtonpost was already lowered after they republished a full article from bloggers without any permission to do so. Now ripping off infographics to republish, and submit to DIGG is a new form of traffic growth for The Huffingtonpost.

They can steal your content…

But they can never steal your creativity

eBay DevCon 2009

4 presentations in 2 weeks

I recently posted on my presentation on the Jane & Robot developers session last week, which was awesome. Today I had the fourth presentation in a more public setting in two weeks.

Two weeks ago I was sitting on a panel on the special In-House SEO day on SMX Advanced, then last week on Friday I presented some eBay SEO tricks on the Jane & Robot SEO developers day, yesterday I presented a SEO session on the ePN affiliate day, and today I was planned for a SEO session on eBay Dev Con 09. Pretty excited.


Finally I have arrived as a speaker at eBay Dev Con. I always wanted to speak on a developers conference. As I’m just getting my feet wet on the developers side, I was looking forward to all teh feedback people might have. And speaking in front of a crowd is always exciting, as you have the chance of getting valuable feedback on style, story and presentation.

I have some great friends who have put me here. I always enjoy catching up with them, and looking forward working even closer with them in the future.

Max-eBay-DevCon09 001Jonny5-eBay-DevCon09 003

The Dev Con presentation went pretty well. I had to rewrite my whole presentation, as all teh slides are posted online as well. You can find my deck here: Dennis Goedegebuure on SEO eBay DevCon09.

Something I always wanted to do, is make a picture from the stage of the crowd in the audience. The picture below here was made before all the people were in the room. I was thinking of making it an integrated part of my story, but I only had 50 minutes for my talk, plus the Q&A!

My-audience-eBay-DevCon09 005

In the front was Richard, the eBayInkBlog blogger. It was great to have a friend in the front who I could pick on. Always helpful to have friendly faces in the audience. Richard was also tweeting live from my session. Some more tweets were pretty positive:

Twitter feedback

For the rest of the day I’m going to enjoy eBay Dev Con, as I won’t be here tomorrow. The beer bash has already started, so I better grab a beer, and start talking with all the wonderful people here and hear their horror coding stories. This post will be updated later on with more pictures and content.

Just make sure you follow the tweets from Richard @ebayinkblog or the hashtag #ebaydevcon, or read the follow up on eBayInkBlog.


eBay DevCon 09 Beer Bash

No Dutch beer on the Beer Bash, which is my “only” complaint for the organization. Delyn did a fantastic job! There were a lot of different countries represented with both food and beer. Local beer from

  • Japan, Sapporo;
  • Australia; Fosters;
  • Germany; Heifenweisser;
  • Mexico; Tecate;


Mini hamburgers from California


At least the Dutch provided the ice cream, with a lot of LOL. Ok, only the ice cream cart is from Ola…a Dutch brand.


Freshly made sushi


And some old and current colleagues


Cheese, Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, and German sausages…

eBay-DevCon09-cheese eBay-DevCon09-german-sausage

Hopefully I can present next year again on eBay Dev Con, and stay all days.

Update: There is a good short write up on my presentation on the eBay developers blog by Ashish Kumar:

Search Engine Optimization Presented by Dennis Goedegebuure, SEO Manager, eBay,
Dennis Goedegebuure, head of the Natural search Engine team at eBay gave us a great presentation on SEO, its trends and Best practices . A few important points to remember from this presentation are:

  • What is SEO - One of the way to get free traffic, more visitors, downloads, transaction and be successful.
  • How do search engines work - Do best so that Search Crawlers sees you. Good extractable link structure and content, text only versions of the pages are the Key to your success!
  • Ranking factors - L..U..M..P..S is the SEO mantra which stands for Links, URL, Meta Content, Page content and Site maps in your website. Links to discover to your website, Meaningful URLs, Keywords in the URL, Avoid long URLs, Description and keywors in the meta tag, Contents in HTML, ALT text, Relevant text around the images are some of the key factors.
  • Free Tools - Submit Search Engine Web Tools using Google webmaster Tools:, Yahoo Site Explorer:, Bing Webmaster Center: See how search engines crawl your site by using Web Developer Toolbar and Keyword Research Tools Google Insight for,Search, Free keyword tool.

And also some initial feedback:

Overall this was a great session ! With almost full attendance, Dennis made this session very interesting and interactive. Good questions were asked during the session and it was answered well by Dennis. I saw lot of attendees surrounding Dennis outside the Fireside ABC meeting room and showing interest even after the session ended. I am glad that i attended this session.

Vintage 1890’s Levi’s Jeans 201

One of the oldest Vintage Denim Jeans, can you believe this. I found this blog post on eBay Blogs about a seller who was asking his readers if he would sell the pair of original Levi’s Jeans on eBay, and for how much.

Original vintage Levi 201 jeans dated 1890-1901

Vintage 1890's Levi's Jeans 201 Hello,
We have consigned this pair of vintage Levi 201 denim blue jeans that we are going to list on eBay and would welcome any Ideas or comments on them.
The jeans were uncovered in an old miners cabin here in Montana and have been dated between 1890 and 1901 by the rivets on the jeans.
There was gold in the watch pocket of the blue jeans and has been saved in a vial, do you think we should include it in the auction? there is also the miners diaries and a couple of shaker boxes too.
The condition of the jeans are in pretty good shape for the age of them and the fact that a gold miner wore them. all the buttons are there. they are just like the 501's button fly jeans. the old miner patched the the jeans in a couple of spots and there is a fairly large rip along the back seat of the pants which could be restored.
Do you think there will be any interest for possibly one of the oldest pairs of Levi 201 jeans here on eBay??

I really am wondering for how much the Jeans sold. I hope the seller made a lot of money, and that Levi’s bought the Jeans. It would fit perfectly in the Levi’s museum in San Francisco.

Update: The Jeans sold for more than $36.000 on eBay!

BTW> I can’t believe this is the first eBay listing for the keyword Levi Jeans in Google on #47! There must be more Levi’s Jeans being sold on eBay…


Interesting to see the related searches at eBay, in blue in the image above here, are different than the related searches on Google. Related searches on eBay are:

  1. vintage 501
  2. levis
  3. levis 501
  4. javascript (????)
  5. buco leather
  6. mens levis jeans
  7. levis jeans 501
  8. levis jeans womens

The Google related searches, as displayed in the image below, show different user intend.


  1. cheap Levi Jeans
  2. Levi Jeans history
  3. Levi Jeans sale
  4. white Levi Jeans
  5. Levi Strauss outlet

Buy 4,873 Quality Links For Just $1.14, Opportunity Missed!

What would you pay for 4,873 links to your site? Not just some random links, but high quality links from high PageRank sites. Here and there a .org, a great number of different anchor texts used over these links. Would you buy them, given the strategy is not approved by The G? What is I tell you these links would only cost you $1.14 per link? Would you like to have some more juice flowing your way for that kind of money?

That would cost you $5,600. The deal was only possible in a package!

The story of is sad but true. Apparently a fired employee deleted all the data in the databases, and there was no copy!

It was the guy handling the IT (and, yes, the same guy who I caught stealing from the company, and who did a slash-and-burn on some servers on his way out) who made the choice to rely on RAID as the only backup mechanism for the SQL server. He had set up automated backups for the HTTP server which contains the PHP code, but, inscrutibly, had no backup system in place for the SQL data. The ironic thing here is that one of his hobbies was telling everybody how smart he was.

The domain was being put on eBay to sell for the highest bid. Part of the proceedings were actually donated to charity. From the eBay listing:

Journalspace has been a popular social blogging site since 2002. We recently lost our data in a crash, and rather than start again, we'd rather leave these domains in the hands of somebody who can do something cool with them. If you'd like to start your own social blogging site, we recommend the awesome BuddyPress extensions to WordPress MU ( -- it's a free, open-source package that combines a social networking platform with the popular WordPress blogging software.

15% of the final sale price will support Susan G. Komen For the Cure - Headquarters.

About this nonprofit:
To save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures

The auction ended at $5,600, which is a great bargain for this domain.


Here is why $5,600 is a bargain:

The domain goes back to 2001. A long time, from 2003 until 2008, the domain has been used for as a blog platform. Everybody could start a blog, with their own space available. This meant that a great number of pages have been indexed, with different sorts of content.

The number of backlinks to the domain is over 4,500. In fact, according to Yahoo Siteexplorer, the domain has got 4,873 backlinks. Of these backlinks a number of them can be regarded as highly valuable:, &

In total the domain has got:

- 1 PageRank 7 website which is

- 17 PageRank 6 websites

- 43 PageRank 5 websites

- 70 PageRank 4 websites


There are a number of different anchor text links to the domain. If you would buy this site, chances are that with some on page optimization, smart redirects and quality content, you could rank targeted pages for the most linked keywords pretty high.


The auction ended on January 11, and the day after the closing of the auction, the new owner has already launched a complete new blogging platform. Installed WordPress Multi User on the domain, and has a great number of the original bloggers back. The WP MU install is also expanded with the Buddypress plugins, which give Journalspace social networking elements. is back again!

End 2008 there was a drama resulting in loss of some data
We felt sorry since was active for so many years and
we think along with a lot of visitors journalspace is an asset to the internet.

11 january 2009 we agreed with the old owner to take over the domains.

I wished I had the money to invest in such a domain. It an grow out to be a great place on the Internet, especially with the free software of WordPress and Buddypress.

I'm overall happy with how this story ended. Somebody is taking the challenge to rebuild and provide the blogging community that had found a place at JS with a new chance of writing, expressing AND connecting. The site has found a rightful owner.

Zimbabwe Dollar worth something on eBay

The inflation in Zimbabwe is getting out of hand. Every day the prices are doubling, and the new notes, a bank note of 10 billion Zimbabwe dollars, is already worthless.

Unless you sell the note on eBay! The auction for a 100 billion dollar note is at a price of $5.69. Collectible bank note until Robert Mugabe is leaving office. After that it probably will get more in value.

Do you want to become a billionaire? Buy a 100 billion Zimbabwe dollars


Seasonal Trends in Keywords

I love the New Pulse on eBay. It gives me a daily view on what's on the minds of popular bloggers.

Today I was checking out the Home & Garden Pulse. On #5 in the Internet Pulse, the keywords used by popular bloggers, there is the keyword Leaf Blower.

Leaf Blower

It must be a popular item people write about these days. The leafs are falling of the trees, and I blog about having to clean up the garden using a leaf blower.

Leafs in the Garden

Leafs in the Garden

And where better can you find a great deal on a leaf blower? Right, on eBay!


No items matching your keywords were found.

Adcommerce Spotted in the Wild

Last week eBay launched a new keyword buying program for eBay sellers: Adcommerce. Through Adcommerce you can put your store and listings in front of millions of active customers.

Welcome to eBay AdCommerce, the new service that enables sellers to boost the visibility of their eBay stores and eBay listings. AdCommerce provides a simple and effective way to reach millions of eBay users when they are ready to buy!

Use AdCommerce to advertise on eBay search result pages. Your customized text ads will be directly targeted to your desired audience by category or keyword.

Now that the system went live, you can spot these ads in the wild...

eBay Adcommerce

Todays Newpaper worth $100,-

Todays New York Times is going for $100 on eBay! I bet the paper is sold out everywhere.