Garbage Ads on Google Finance

Wow, how much more relevant can this ad be...? (Sarcastic!). I was just checking the stock price of the eBay Stock and saw this big ad placed on the page by Google.


Below you see where the ad shows in the full page. Normally, the Google ads are pretty invisible, they sort of blend in the background. Now that Google is trying to push display ads more and more, these ads will jump more into the spotlight.

The of the page is blue, with white background, but the ad simply jumps out through the usage of colors green, yellow and red.


I wonder how much more Google is going to push these garbage ads through their users  throat. These "make money quick" ads seem to be the only ads these days that don't feel the recession.

Other ads that were spotted on the Google Finance page of the eBay stock:


This is a classic, I clicked on the ad to see what kind of garbage site it would bring up, but guess what... the database of the site seems to be down, while their ad campaign is still running. How about that for ROI!

Free eBay Guide Ad Campaign = FAIL