Ban Adsense and Google on Nov 4, NO on Prop 8

Disabling Adsense on November 4th, election day, would that open Google's eyes?

Saying No on proposition 8, donating money for the campaign against hate, but on the other side taking the money from the side who wants to ban same sex marriage, that's just WRONG!

What happened to the Don't Be Evil mantra?

What would happen if all Google Adsense publishers remove the Ads for at least one day, November 4th? What would happen with Google's stock price and Quarterly profit if all of us ban Google for just one day?

Notice the comments on Block This Way

Talen said

You've broken trust with your publishers over this prop 8 ad issue and although Google gave 140k to the vote no on prop 8 I'm betting you've taken in millions in ad revenue for the vote yes on prop 8.

Johloh said

way to get on the news by 'donating' money to no on probably already had the yes on 8 money set up.

you've completely broken my trust, and I (as well as many others) are now shopping for another company to provide advertisements.

terrible move google. fire whoever made that choice.

Humuhumu said

My filter works better than yours: I've removed Google AdSense from my sites. I'm speechless. I cannot believe that my own sites were used to push that kind of hate. I'm disgusted, and surprised, and disappointed.

I'm against proposition 8!