Watch for returns between your Xmas gifts

Amazon Wrap Rage, Frustration-Free Packaging, does this means the Seattle based retailer has found a way to earn more on returns?

Imagine you buy something on Amazon, you get it delivered and open the package. That nasty plastic clamshell case, you cut it open with a big kitchen knife. No piece of the package is together... but you don't want the product anymore.

No problemo... With Amazon you can still send it back, and get a refund. But as more and more customers make use of this service, the margins are eaten up. So what can you do about this, but still keep your customers happy...?

Right, you re-package the return products, and tell the new owner you actually did them a favor by conveniently repackaging the goods in a eco friendly, easy to open package.

A true win-win situation...


Disclaimer: this story is pure fiction. I don't claim Amazon is actually doing this, but I would!