Winnie The Pooh Burning Candle

I tried to make a time lapse series of a burning Winnie The Pooh candle we had. However, I failed to set the lens on manual focus, so not all pictures are zoomed in at the same sharpness or focal length.


Wilton Pooh/Honey Pot Candle Wilton Pooh/Honey Pot Candle

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With a dollop of honey on his paw, and a smile on his face, Pooh sits happily amongst overflowing honey pots. If your party is a Pooh party, this candle deserves center stage on your cake!


  • Wax
  • 2 1/2" W x 3" H
  • Hand-painted detail, clean-burning design

The picture has been made with a Canon 5D, and a 100 mm Macro lens. The specifics of the picture are:

  • Exposure 0.3
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Focal length: 100 mm
  • Iso speed: 100

So next time, if I want to make a time lapse of an object in the dark, using longer shutter time, I will set the lens on manual.