One Day of Coding

Martin Luther King day, wonderful weather outside in San Francisco. I can hear the coco bongo’s in Dolores park through my open window. Not for me today, I stay inside… Not that I’m afraid for the UV, it’s more that I finally found some time to work on a project I had in mind for a long time. ShopTwits!

Somewhere in November StockTwits was launched, and I instantly liked the service. It got me thinking right away, what can I do with product conversations on Twitter? Right, there is a lot of money to be made from affiliate programs, and so far I don’t get any of it! That can change with just a little bid of effort… Back then I registered the domain, next to Some other domains were already registered, so I knew that there were some other people who had the same idea!

But damn, I had not enough time! Like I already once burned my nose of inactivity on a good idea, I almost was the fool who was fooled twice; not executing on a good idea. A good idea is not a good idea without execution!With Twitter, you can not stall the development for another moment it is convenient to you. With Twitter you can be too late if you wait just 12 hours! And until today, I again waited almost 2 months!

So what is ShopTwits? On ShopTwits you can discuss, review and enjoy all kinds of products. For now, we only source the talks and discussions from Twitter, but there is more in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for ShopTwits… It might be the next revolution in shopping!