How To Become a San Francisco Hipster

A couple of weeks ago I made some radical changes. I shaved my head with an electric hair clipper and for fun I groomed my unshaved face with a moustache. I could only do this because my family was still spending time back in The Netherlands. The first time my daughter saw me on Skype, she started crying. She had never seen me without the longer hair, so she was in total shock. My son picked up scissors in the weeks after, and wanted to cut his own hair, just like daddy did... Bad example for the kids!

Shocking People Hipster Style

Dennis San Francisco HipsterSince I moved to the US in 2006, I've always had the long hair Euro trash style. I build a large network in my industry, SEO, through visiting conferences, and everybody always knew me with the long hair. So for a party by BlueGlass during SES San Francisco, I planned to shock people with the new look. So searching online, I found how to become a Hipster...

How to Become a Hipster

A couple of short bullets on how to become a hipster:

  • Grooming, hair style and facial hair in a particular way... Check
  • Big, trendy glasses... Check
  • Fashion Style, I can pull an outfit out of my closet, how about some White Corderounds by Betabrand...Check

The result is quite interesting..

How Did I Do..?

So now I would like to get your feedback, how did I do as a real Sean Francisco Hipster? And if you were at the BlueGlass drinks at the Clift Hotel, were you shocked..?

Hip, I’m on my Way

After making some changes to my hair, and off course the way I approach projects, work and most important my family, I'm well on my way to become Hip. What do you think..? Later this week, more news around this!

Let me know below in the comments what you think..?

Hipster, I'm on my way..!