Virtual Real Estate; Domains for Sale

Since I read a post from Aaron Wall about how investments in the web will increase the value of web assets, I've picked up a few interesting domain names which had expired.

Investments in the web will increase the value of web assets, but the increased competition will make it harder to gain attention and exposure unless you have capital to invest, and invest it wisely. Just this week a corporation worth $10's of billions put one of our core keywords in the page title of their home page! We still outrank them, but for how long?

I thought it would be at least a decade before the United States government started domaining. Many large corporations are sure to catch on soon, increasing domain prices and closing off a great investment opportunity for smaller players. I have been busy over at BuyDomains looking for good names to hoard and build, picking up another 3 yesterday.

A comment on the post brought me to, a website where you can spot just expired domains. Since then I picked up a couple of good domains. I search for domains close to my passions, food & drinks.

Just the other day I was approached by somebody who wanted to buy a domain I have: The conversation went like this:

I was interested in buying the domain name www.90DAYDIET.COM
Do you still own it and if so would you like to sell it?

Yes, I still own the domain.
If I would like to sell it depends on the offer.
What would you be offering for this domain?

I dont want to insult you.
Let me know what you have in mind.

I'm not easily offended, I would just say No if the offer is too low.
Why don't you give it a try...


That price won't do it for this domain.
Mid range 4 figure is more what I was thinking.
Seems we are far apart.
Thanks for the interest.

A domain like the 90daydiet is in my opinion more worth than $300. It could be a great title for a diet program, combined with a book and website. The tricky part with selling a website over email, is that you never know how much the other party is willing to pay, or even who the other party is. Is it a company worth billions that is trying to buy it for cheap, or is it somebody who want to make it a hobby website.

In the case of 90 Day Diet, it must have been somebody with serious plans for it, probably with deeper pockets than $300!