Sydney at Night Pictures

My last day in Sydney Australia, and it’s a full moon. So no better chance of taking some nice night pictures from the Sydney Skyline, the full moon above the Opera House, or the Harbour Bridge.

Full Moon over the Opera House

Full Moon above the Opera House in Sydney Australia

Although it was cloudy, the moon peeked through the clouds once in a while, and made a really nice light effect on the water.

Full Moon above the Opera House in Sydney Australia

Harbour Bridge at Night

From across the harbor, you have a good view to shoot a nice panorama picture of the Harbour Bridge.

Panorama shot of Harbour Bridge at night Sydney Australia

Dennis in front of Harbour Bridge Sydney Australia

Sydney Skyline at night

Sydney Skyline at night

The Sunset over Sydney was wonderful. Unfortunately I was late for the sunrise as it is also pretty spectacular to see the sun rise above the Opera House. Next time maybe….

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  1. Eduard says:

    Beautiful pictures, Dennis.
    Have a safe trip back.

    1. Dennis says:

      Thanks Eduard, I just landed on Vancouver airport after a long flight, and I’m still enjoying these pictures myself again!
      Definitely something to go back for to Sydney, as I missed the sunrise over the Opera House!

  2. Nishant says:

    Dude…awesome pics…keep them coming….Need to visit Sydney myself….