Some useful reads on a Saturday

As I’m in the office where a team of developers and QA folks are finishing off a large release, I’m reading a bunch of interesting stuff online. I brought these guys some lunch, and am taking the time to catch up on some good blog reads. Here are the ones I’m sharing, which I think are worth sharing…

  • When SEO Advice Goes Wrong; Ah, finally somebody calls this out. There is just too much wrong information spread in the marketplace for SEO. Everybody can start a blog, and all can build up some readership by just claiming expertise. A lot of name dropping, some speaking on conferences and consistent  posting on the company’s blog will get you there. But is it always right what you claim? Here is a piece I completely agree with:
  • There has always been and will continue to be bad advice given on SEO blogs, so while you can learn a lot from reading them, make sure you don’t automatically take everything you read at face value and instead think about if what you’re reading actually makes sense.

  • Has eBay Turned The Growth Corner; eBay Strategies blog is reporting a rise in sales for shop owners on eBay. They are taking their own analytics from the Channel Advisors clients, which are good for a large portion of the site sales.
  • WordPress, Twitter, the Elks Club: 10 new routines at a news startup; Newspapers going out of business, filing for chapter 11, as they have relied to long on un-successful business models. now you can see what happens in area’s where there are no local newspapers anymore. some towns have lost their local news, and now online startups are starting to fill this space.
  • Gio Compario campaign by Go Compare taken over by SEO blogs;  Ah, a good piece on tagline hijacking. Easy to do, and it can drive a lot of traffic to your site. However, you can always question the relevance of that traffic, as the searcher was probably looking for something else than your blogpost about the bad online SEO of an expensive offline marketing campaign of a major brand. Still fun to do, and looking at your analytics it can bring you a big rush.
  • 17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link; Some interesting read on how you can think about links. Linking is still one of the major ranking factors in SEO, so should not be overlooked! I always wonder how internal links can push you higher in the index, so probably, next year this time I will know a lot more.

Time to get back home.