Shimano Bike Gears Failure

Man, what a bummer. I was planning to go to work early to really finish some emails that I had postponed for some time. At one point I switched gears, and BOOM, my back wheel is stuck. I quickly jump of my bike, and carry it to the side of the road. I had to run, as I was crossing a busy street, with the lights on red. Yes, I know, it’s a bad Amsterdam habit, but as I got used to it for 12 years, it’s hard to resist not to cross when no car is coming.

On the other side of the road I see how badly damaged my gears are. I cannot even move any of the broken off parts of the thing that changes the chain to other blades (no clue how you would call it in English).


Even my fender is completely out of place.


The good thing is, is that it’s getting fixed. I brought my bike to the store where I bought it a little more than a month ago. They told me they would fix it for free, which I think is excellent service. The bad thing is, is that the parts need to be ordered at Shimano. That could take around 7-10 days… Outsch! That means I would need a different way to get to work…


  1. Nick Gerner says:

    Bummer about your bike :(

    The thing that moves the chain is called a “derailer”, as in it de-rails the chain from one gear to another (I think).

  2. Dennis says:


    Thanks man, I learn everyday something new :)
    Fortunately my bike gets fixed. Now I just need another way to get some exercise and burn the calories.



  3. bas.ka says:

    Talk about small world , that just happend to my bike n had to carry the thing for half’hour , fun times

    1. Dennis says:

      Yeah, one little push to your gears, and they can get between your wheel.
      It’s screws up the whole bike.

      At least I got it fixed completely for free, but the 30 minute walk with the bike and my backpack was not a lot of fun!