MCHammer is following me…

In the eighties I bought a record of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". As a wannabee DJ I played the record on school parties, and the crowd danced like Hammer on the beats. I think I must have a CD somewhere of Hammer in a box. The song still sits on my iPod, and I start swinging when it plays!

Now fast forward to today... Hammer is now an Internet entrepreneur and is located in the Bay Area. Great to see that this artist is so smart to take care of a career after the music. I think Hammer is an example of what you can do with a brand you made of your name, however you built it!

Hammer is now running a website A site where you can upload any movie of dances or dance battles. A great time waster for a Sunday morning while I'm writing this post. And with the popular TV programs like Dancing with the Stars, and all dance battles etc; I believe Hammer must have gold in his hands.

And let's face it, Hammer is a creative dancer himself. Who cannot remember Hammer's dance style in Can't Touch This's clip. I always tried to copy him on the school parties, but miserably failed at it. Maybe it was the pants I was missing, :-).

After a post of Robert Scoble on a demo he saw, standing next to Hammer, I started following him on Twitter. And I'm happy now that Hammer follows me back. (follow Hammer on Twitter @MCHammer)


Welcome to my feed Hammer, I hope I can provide you with value that is worth it to keep following me :) . It feels great to be in touch with one of my hero's from my high school years!


imagePS> Sometimes the Ads from Google in your mailbox are too funny. Just have a look what Hammer triggered:

Only one Ad is relevant, which is from an IQ test. I wonder if Hammer really did that test, and this is his real score...?


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