What Happened to Interflora SEO Posts

And just like that, Interflora is back in the search engines. What would it take for a mom-and-pop site to come back so quickly after being penalized? But I just wonder, where has Martin McDonald post on Interflora SEO penalty gone?

Interflora search results. No Martin McDonald anymore..? Where has this post gone? Really weird, as with all the number of links pointing to Martin's post, you would expect it to rank as high as last week still. Especially as a number of articles in the top of this search result are linking to the site from Martin.

Martin Flowers post



  1. […] The unfairness that many see is that Interflora gets back so quickly, when smaller websites struggle for months in their cleanup and never seems to get released from the penalty. After all,someone Googling Interflora would expect just that – Interflora, and not a lot of SEOs and Mainstream media writing about their penalty. Unless it’s an SEO Googling… […]