eBay Classifieds re-launched

The other day, when I arrived with my bicycle at work, I saw there was a sign added to the eBay logo. The US Classifieds site re-launched. I stopped, grabbed my camera, and took some cool shots of the sign. As you can see, the weather was beautiful, but there was still dew on the eBay letters.




  1. Great shots! Can I get your permission to use them? Likely just to post to our FB page (unless of course you wanted to do that yourself).

    1. Dennis says:

      Sure you can use these. Can you place a link as reference back to this post?

      1. Thanks Dennis. I added them here: http://www.facebook.com/ebayclassifieds and included the post URL in the caption. Sorry, no live link. :(

  2. i am looking for the rcavictor phonograph with the horn thank you

  3. there was an add for a r c a phonograph with the horne i beleive it was produced by thomas edison