Are You a Fan of Masturbation on Facebook?

Yesterday Facebook announced the ALLFacebook Pages Tracker, with which you can track which pages are most popular. From their post on AllFacebook:

Want to know what the most popular Facebook pages are on any given day? Now you can! If you haven?t read it on Techcrunch, over the past month we have been tracking over 620,000 Facebook fan pages daily to determine how many fans they have and what type of growth they are experiencing. This is to improve our ability to track what?s popular on Facebook.

A great tool, especially for Marketeers. Now you can not only look at what kind of audience is present and active on Facebook, but also spy on your competitors social media strategy fairly easily.

But what was more interesting form the post about this Pages Tracker tool, is the popularity of the fan page on Facebook on.... Masturbation. WTF! Is this a PR stunt from Facebook. Do we call out LinkBait here? Why the hell would somebody ever want to become a fan of the Masturbation page. This would be a clear CLM for the future (CLM = Career Limiting Move).

Masturbation! continues to be a fast growing fan page, currently growing at around 68 percent a day. Be careful though, as that fan page is definitely not safe for work.

The link might be NSFW!, I didn't check, so if you are at work, and don't want people to start looking at you with a strange face, don't click!


Don't these people know better. Every recruiter these days checks at least 4-5 online sources, of which are: Google, LinkedIn, MySpace and... Facebook. And there you are, in all honesty you proudly say you are a fan of Masturbation.

So imagine you are half way in your job interview and the conversation takes an ugly turn;

Interviewer: So what do you do for fun outside of work?

Candidate: I masturbate! I have a hobby to masturbate in strange places. I see it as a personal objective to masturbate at least once a week at a place I have never masturbated before.

Interviewer: Would you consider masturbating at work?

Candidate: Oh yes, that's most exciting. But then again, I almost had all possible scenario's already in the jobs I had before this.

Interviewer: Ahum.. That's very interesting...

Candidate: No really, I don't see it as a problem to talk about masturbation. Everybody masturbates, don't we? Tell me, do you?

Interviewer: Hmmm, I don't think I would like to go into this....

Candidate: Ow come on... Tell me when was the first time you masturbated...?

At this point, you know for sure you won't get the job,unless you are applying for a job in an exotic working environment.

When are people going to realize that what you do on online is for all to see, especially on high profile social network sites. Your actions can have big effects on how people perceive you. The first impression on your persona has already been made based on your web profile. Everywhere you leave your name or set up a profile will contribute to your web footprint.

Getting control over my footprint has been one of my objectives. Setting up a profile on sites where I don't control or can delete the information is something I stay away from.

What are the measures you take to control your online footprint?