I’m Dennis Goedegebuure, but most people call me DennisG. Welcome to TheNextCorner, my personal website to express my thoughts, describe my insights and share my pictures and knowledge on Internet Marketing, SEO and Analytics.

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I’m blogging since October 2006 on TheNextCorner.com (sorry the blog is in Dutch). Although the site grew to a good audience and usual return visitors, the Dutch market is small, and after 5 years I tend to have difficulties expressing myself in my native language (something I never imagined would happen).

So in 2008, I decided to start an English version of TheNextCorner. Interesting enough, since I already was blogging on the .com version in Dutch, I decided to buy the .net version of my brand. It proved to be an interesting test case for SEO. A .com website, hosted in the US, on a US IP-address, trying to rank in Google.nl.

Picture by Michael Dorausch


I’ve started to take more photos as my blog kept growing in visitors. Photos are in my opinion a good way to showcase the story you are writing about, and taking pictures has become a hobby of mine. Currently I’m shooting with a Canon 5D, which is a full frame camera. I have several great lenses, where I always try to make the best shots with.

Since January 2008 I’ve been experimenting more with special effects in the photos I’m taking. Especially time lapse series is a cool way to showcase the moment you can capture with a SLR.  I hope you’ll enjoy the two time lapse videos I've made from the series of pictures:

  1. Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge
  2. The Equinox in Chichen Itza

Dennis GoedegebuureNext to these time lapse series, I like to experiment with special effects like reflections in pictures or macro photography of flowers or insects. I recently got all the negatives from my mother of the pictures from when I was young. A number of these I already scanned with the Canon 9000F Film Scanner. Here is one from when I was younger.

Most pictures I share on flickr under a Creative Commons license. I usually post pictures under CC 2.0 Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivative. If you see one of my pictures, I would appreciate it if you would link back to this blog. You can use the following html code for the attribution:

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Content of this Site

On this personal blog I will write what keeps me busy. Internet, SEO, Blogging, Travel and overall Marketing. Please feel free to comment, as I'm always searching for new connections and conversations.

You can also find me on

My Work

Currently I'm working for Fanatics Inc. focussed on growth and SEO.

Prior to Fanatics, I worked at AirBnB, where I was heading up the companies SEO efforts globally. I started in Oct 2012. What I really liked about working for AirBnB, is that I could combine my passion for travel, photography and SEO in one job! Here is my announcement when I joined AirBnB: OMG I Joined AirBnB. The announcement of moving on, can be read here: leaving Airbnb, joining Fanatics.

During my time at Airbnb, I can say I did some of the best work in my career yet! For my self evaluation on 2014, I chose to publish the projects online; Top 7 projects for 2014, my self evaluation. I'm most proud on the campaign around the 25th year anniversary of the Berlin Wall; Wall and Chain.

Prior to AirBnB, I worked for 14 months for Geeknet Inc. as Vice President of Internet Marketing where I started August 2011. In this role I was responsible for driving more traffic to sites like Slashdot, Sourceforge and Freshmeat. Prior to Geeknet I've been with eBay for 9+ years in various roles in the Internet Marketing team. I started my eBay career in The Netherlands office working for both eBay and Marktplaats, which is the local classifieds site. After 3.5 years I transferred over to the US San Jose office, to take on a global coordination role in Internet Marketing, with the emphasis on SEO. In this role I not only worked for the eBay websites, but also consulted for Paypal, Skype, Shopping.com, StumbleUpon & the classifieds portfolio.

For 3 years I've been responsible for all SEO for the 22 global eBay marketplaces sites. The team I managed was primarily focused on the delivery of the SEO strategy, consulting with product teams on projects, training of the product & engineering teams, and custom content. One of my pet projects at eBay was to create viral stories based on eBay data with the help of Infographics. It's a lot of fun to see stories go viral and get picked up by large technology blogs. Two stories I'm particular proud of are the iPad export stories last- & this year, which can be found here and here.

Public Speaking

Since 2010 I’ve started speaking at conferences, which I enjoy doing. It forces me to step out of my comfort zone, and engage with a large audience to share best practices, learning’s from my work at eBay and give back to a community which has given me so much.

I’ve been a speaker, or you can find me speak at:

  • SMX Advanced Seattle 2010 – US (link)
  • SearchLabs 2010 Sao Paulo – Brasil
  • BlueGlass 2010 – Florida US
  • SMW West 2011– US (link)
  • SMW Sydney 2011 – Australia (link)
  • SMX Advanced Seattle 2011 – US (link)
  • EvoConverence 2011 – US (link)
  • BlueGlass 2011 Tampa – US
  • SearchFest 2012 Portland – US (link)
  • SMX West San Jose – US (link)
  • Snap Conference Salt Lake City – US (link)
  • BlueGlass LA 2012 – US
  • EVO conference 2012 - US (link)
  • BlueGlass Tampa 2012
  • Snap Conference 2013
  • Searchfest SEMPDX 2014

You can book me for speaking events, either public or private in your company. Feel free to contact me through the contact form!

I always try to bring a new insight, prepare new slides and present my story with the objective to engage the audience. I like it when I build new relationships with people who attended my presentation. One of the best feedback and most enjoyable moments I got, was when I got a hand written note thanking me for my presentation at SMX Sydney.

Disclaimer: All of the thoughts expressed on my website are my own, and don’t necessarily represents the view of my current, past & future employers(-s). This blog and the content on this blog are my own and contains my opinion and observations. These do not necessarily reflect those of Airbnb, eBay, Geeknet, or its community, investors or clients.

Disclosure: I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.



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