Ferrari Reflections

Reflections on a PorscheAround 8 months ago, I came across a picture on Flickr I really liked. The picture was showing an almost perfect reflection of a couple of houses on the hood of a Porsche. You can see the picture here on the right, which is published under creative commons on Flickr. Source: fs999.

I always like to make reflection photo’s myself, which is among the reasons why this Porsche picture is one of my favorites on flickr. Today, I was able to make a somewhat similar photo of reflections of a building in San Francisco not on a Porsche, but on a black Ferrari. Quite cool I would say!

Reflections on a Ferrari

Ferrari reflections

The Ferrari was parked on Powel street, in front of the St Francis Drake hotel in San Francisco.

Too bad I didn’t carry my fish-eye lens with me.


  1. Tho003 says:

    Very nice images. I like your creativity with the reflections.

  2. @Thos003
    Thanks Thomas,
    I was inspired by the picture I found on flickr, and have been interested in reflection photo’s ever since!