7 Year Old Car Thief

Imagine you are just 7 years old, and you don’t want to go to church. What do you do? Right, you hijack a car, and get involved in a car chase with the police. Problem solved, I bet the boy didn’t went to church, rather he went to the police station to be questioned.

A 7-year-old boy put his life and the lives of others at risk Sunday morning when he decided to skip church and go for a joy ride in a stolen vehicle.

You can’t make these things up. Only in the United States this can happen!

He ran a stop sign and almost hit another driver before turning into a local high school and then turning around to drive home. He made home to the driveway and ran into the house to hide. The reason for the joy ride? It sure was better than going to church.

Amazing. I’m just asking myself how the hell this little boy could see over the steering wheel, while he was driving.