Searching for a Sugardaddy?

How can you have an affiliate program login page down for over 6 months and still be sending out checks? This is what is happening with the affiliate program from How do I know? I just got a couple of checks again.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story about a couple on the Dr. Phil show. The couple had met at the dating website: A dating website for rich men, who would like to hook up with women, most of which were young gold diggers. After I saw the traffic come in for a couple of months on words like: or Searching for a Sugardaddy, I thought I might be able to earn a little affiliate money if they had a program.

After a couple of weeks the first check came. And week after week the checks kept on coming, until…the financial crisis. Last year, at the end of the year, the checks didn’t came every week, but maybe every other week or once a months. Still a good earning for not a lot of time investment. Read more about this on Sugardaddy making money online.

imageThen, all of a sudden in January, rolled out a redesign for their site. It sure looked a whole lot better. The only problem for me, was that their affiliate program login page is giving an error message, see picture on the right here.

I first thought that it might be my IP address that could not access the page or my browser settings. But nope, the big mister Google has the same problem:


Now after a couple of months, I still see the same error page. I cannot log in and see if there have been any conversions. I cannot even see if there were any clicks. But what is more important, I cannot change my address for them to send the checks to.

I just got two checks again after months of not getting any. The reason why I’m concerned now, is because I moved and I don’t have a lot of more time on the forwarding of my mail left. What if USPS stops forwarding my checks, which are still going to be send to my old address. I simply don’t even know if I can expect any checks, as I cannot check the reports.

I might try to call the company who sends me the checks, and see if they know what is going on here. I’m sure willing to put a little effort into it, it’s the easiest money I’ve made so far!