Fisheye pictures

I recently got a new toy, a new Fisheye lens of the minimal 4.5mm! The pictures you can make are just amazing. You even have to be careful not to get your own feet into the shots, while you make the photo. I bought the Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens for Canon.

Here are some shots I recently made with this lens:


Palmtrees Fisheye

Having Pizza for Lunch

Pizza for lunch


I’m sure I will have a lot of fun with this lens in the future. As soon as you get sick of the round pictures, just drop me an email… :)

All pictures taken with a Canon Rebel XT, with a Sigma 4.5 mm Fisheye lens.

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  1. gary oldknow says:

    dude, you have the lens cap on.
    there are two lens caps on this lens.
    I know cause I made the same mistake!!

  2. Dennis says:


    Thanks, I have discovered it too after a while.
    I feel stupid now :-)

    Here are all my fish eye pictures