Should GM go bankrupt

How much money can you sink in one company. General Motors is a huge driver in the US economy, and don't forget the pride of Detroit and the US car industry. But seriously, if you cannot make enough money to keep afloat, you might not have a reason to exist...

Apart from all the people who loose their jobs, and I mean not only in the car companies but also with all the companies who sell products to these car companies, it's a destructive recession. Nobody is left out, everybody feels the pain. But still, why should the government help badly run companies keeping their head above water?

 I almost would like to preach for a Darwinian economy, where only those companies survive when these make money and are profitable. The only thing that keeps me from preaching the Darwinian economy is the fact that I feel for the people that will get hit with the crisis.

I'm blessed that I work in a company that actually still grows ~12% year on year, AND is profitable. So the question is, should GM go bankrupt?