SEO class for Mom Bloggers

Sunday evening, I’m preparing a presentation on SEO for a group of “mom bloggers” who will visit the eBay campus tomorrow. While going through my slides I presented at eBay Devcon and PayPal X conference, I thought it is always a good idea to prepare your slides with the audience in mind. And boy was I happy I did that!

Off course, starting your deck on Sunday evening might be a little late for this, but fair to say, I just spent most of my weekend on the family. And with a really bad muscle pain in my back, I wasn’t looking forward to sit behind my computer to do this. But I cannot postpone it any longer…

While browsing over the sites of our guests tomorrow, the thought dawned on me… These ladies have more to teach me, than what I can tell them! They write really good content, manage wordpress blogs where some do it themselves, some hire a tech geek to maintain. All in all, they have more Twitter followers, probably drive more traffic and make more money blogging than I am! And they do all of that while taking care of a family. RESPECT!

The following bloggers will be there:

I foresee this is going to be a longer night than planned, as I definitely would like to give everything I have in my presentation tomorrow.  I hope I will provide these ladies with some useful tips and they walk away with a sense their time wasn’t wasted listening to me.


  1. Selfish Mom says:

    Yesterday was such an incredible experience. I thought that I had a pretty good handle on SEO, and with your lessons I now realize I have a lot of work to do! I really appreciate the time you took. Looking at all of our blogs first you were really able to tailor your lesson for us. Thank you for taking the time.

  2. Dennis says:

    @selfish Mom
    Seriously, I had lots of fun preparing my new slides and chatting with all of you.
    I loved the interactivity and the questions. I have lots to learn from all of you, as you manage to build a business AND manage a family.

    Drop me an email when you would like to catch up on some of your questions.
    Happy to work with you on some of these.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow, Thanks for the Respect.
    I really appreciated your presentation. I learned a whole lot about SEO and what I need to work on.

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