Quora Spam Let the Self Promotion Begin

A lot has been written lately about Quora. The number of people on Quora has exploded over the course of two months (see some posts below), and my inbox is showing new followers everyday by the dozen. There are already a number of people who have asked how Quora can keep the quality of answers at a high level. The first adopters of the site were engaging in a high quality fashion with each other. This has obviously caused the success of the site.

With every success comes the growing pains. Spammers find it easy to start filling the site wherever they can with links, self promotional answers, and sometimes, like below here, asking a question with their own answer. Pure self promotion!

So today I got a follow notification from a new person which looked quite self promoting. Just have a look at the question and answer of the following question:

What is The Six Figure Mentors & The Six Figure Community?

And in her answer she rambles around how great the program is, how wonderful and smart the founders are and more important, how much money you can make with subscribing to the Six Figure Mentoring program, or the Six Figure Community.

The Six Figure Mentors has developed a ground-breaking platform that allows members to begin their own turn-key Internet marketing business.

Sounds very much like these get rich quick website packages you can buy all over the internet. While you can look it up yoruself, by clicking on the link in the answer of the question you will come to a 1 page website, with a video in which a Slick Rick will explain you how he made hundreds of thousands of dollars working on the Internet. You can become rich as well… Just sign up for the free program.

Six Figure Mentor

From the Quora answer:

In 2008 Internet entrepreneur Stuart Ross started the concept of forming
an online community and training organisation to leverage the exact
business model that enabled him to quit his job and build a multiple six
figure income business his very first year online. This community and
training company is now known as The Six Figure Mentors and focuses on
helping people generate more income, improve lifestyle and create more
freedom by tapping into the power of the internet.

This is the price Quora is paying for becoming successful in a short period of time. It will require additional investments for the Quora team to keep the site clean of these kind of self promoting get rich quick spam.

Here are some of the recent articles describing the explosion in growth of Quora and the painpoints coming with the success:


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