Power Outage San Francisco Inner Richmond

Most people would not do what I just did during a power outage, making pictures of the blackout block of houses. For just 45 minutes the power was out in the Inner Richmond district in San Francisco. I checked with the neighbors, just to make sure it was not me owing the PG&E some outrageous bill. Nope, the whole block was without power. And while we have sufficient number of flashlights, I was more interested in making pictures of the blacked-out block of houses in our street. An opportunity I couldn't resist...!

Here is the first picture of our block of houses completely in the dark without any power, while the block further down the street has regular electricity!

Power outage in San Francisco Inner Richmond district. Blacked-out street, while other block has electricity

While it was all dark, I took a couple more pictures in Black & White, to give the whole experience a more interesting look.

Power outage in San Francisco. Blacked-out houses while cars go by

Power outage in San Francisco. Blacked-out houses in Black & White