On Parenting, School Policy and Avoiding Diabetici

Seriously I don't get certain parents. If school policy says "no sugar allowed in school" why do you bring cupcakes for your sons birthday.
Deyan cannot have sugar, and if he does eat it, eventually he can become a diabetic. No fun!

So don't expect me to help you carrying 2 trays of cupcakes into the school for your sons birthday, and don't expect me to keep my mouth shut about you breaking school policy!

I'm an example for my kids, helping you with your sugar loaded treats, would be a direct smack in the face for my son.

  • How would he be able to trust me moving forward if I bring him in direct danger?
  • How would he be expected to follow the rules if I, his dad, am breaking the school rules?
  • What example are we setting for our kids if we believe kids with dietary restrictions should be denied a treat, while others are all enjoying the cupcake.

I understand its a disappointment for your son, but you can throw him a party, and serve cupcakes, candy, soda etc. I will be happy to decline the invitation.

My main concern is to prevent D becoming a diabetic patient. With a strict diet, we have a chance to prevent this as long as possible, which is hard enough with today's kids menus in restaurants.

So don't mind if I don't give a damn about the 1 day your son is disappointed for not bringing cupcakes to school! We have to deal with D's disappointment every day! Deal with it, you can to...How about you take those Sugar loaded cupcakes back home...


PS, I didn't even go into the correlation of sugar levels, corn syrup and bad nutrition and the rising obesity among kids.