Olympic Updates Text-Popup from The Guardian make me CLICK

I've been pretty focal about the intext pop-up ads which are keyword targeted. If you are reading an article, especially on financial focussed websites, I'm not particular interested to see advertisements around mortgage; credit cards or investing in the middle of the article. so please stop those in-text keyword targeted pop-up ads! But today I came across a clever cross merchandising method on the Guardian, also keyword targeted.

Check the image below here. I happened to read the article on the guerrilla marketing Nike has deployed to get attention for their brand during the 2012 London Olympics. Every mention of a sport or a country is clearly highlighted in the text, making it clear to the reader there is something special happening for the word. I hovered my curser over one of these, and the following pop-up showed latest results, upcoming schedule for the next game, and for countries the amount of medals and rank in the medal chart.

Olympics smart merchandizing from the Guardian

This allows The Guardian to cross link their Olympic focussed pages in a clever way, while keeping the audience engaged with the latest news. I bet this is causing the reader to click through to more pages, preventing the on-page-exit!

Smart and clever, providing extra value to the reader.. More of this please!