Meeting with Joost de Valk

For a while now I've been mailing and tweeting with Joost de Valk, a fellow SEO from The Netherlands. And although we never met, we had no problem sharing ideas and thoughts on Internet Marketing. Last Friday, while I was in Amsterdam, we went for a coffee and for a chat.

Joost is blogging on, and writes all sorts of interesting pieces around SEO, WordPress and lately more about social media optimization as well. He just started at his own company, which he founded with a couple of other Dutch Internet Marketing folks; Orange Valley.

The Plug-ins Joost manages are awesome, and I use a couple of his WP Plug-ins on this blog. His SEO guide for WordPress is very complete and a must read for everybody who would like to work on optimizing his WordPress installation.

We chatted about all things Internet and before I knew it an hour had passed. Definitely something to do again next time I'm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


  1. Finally moving it all to WordPress eh? :)

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, I told you I have been busy :)
    Probably during thanksgiving I will move to a WP self hosted installation.

    Any tips on how to proceed with all the uploaded pictures?