Delft Pictures

After 3 weeks vacation back home in The Netherlands, I am finally back in the US with some time to post some nice pictures of pure Dutch sceneries. Here are some pictures from Delft.

Het Konings Huys Delft toilet doorsDelft is the place where William of Orange was murdered. Still all the royals from The Netherlands are buried in the royal tomb in the big Church on the main square. Delft is a perfect place to go if you would like to avoid the large tourist groups in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Because of the strong band with the Dutch Royal family, you can find a number of unique Dutch Royal family souvenirs in the stores on and around the large central market square. On that square there is the cafe/restaurant “Het Konings Huys”, where you can find the interesting toilet doors pictured at the right here. If you are a lady, you take the door with the picture of Princess Maxima, if you are a man, you take the door with picture of crown prince Willem-Alexander. 


Picture above: City Hall of Delft


Picture above: Grote Markt Delft

 pictures on the wall of "Het Konings Huys"

Picture above: Pictures of the current and past Dutch Royal family at the wall of “Het Konings Huys” - Delft


Picture above: Typical Dutch houses in Delft


Picture above: Typical Dutch Canal in Delft