Zimbabwe Dollar worth something on eBay

The inflation in Zimbabwe is getting out of hand. Every day the prices are doubling, and the new notes, a bank note of 10 billion Zimbabwe dollars, is already worthless.

Unless you sell the note on eBay! The auction for a 100 billion dollar note is at a price of $5.69. Collectible bank note until Robert Mugabe is leaving office. After that it probably will get more in value.

Do you want to become a billionaire? Buy a 100 billion Zimbabwe dollars


Seasonal Trends in Keywords

I love the New Pulse on eBay. It gives me a daily view on what's on the minds of popular bloggers.

Today I was checking out the Home & Garden Pulse. On #5 in the Internet Pulse, the keywords used by popular bloggers, there is the keyword Leaf Blower.

Leaf Blower

It must be a popular item people write about these days. The leafs are falling of the trees, and I blog about having to clean up the garden using a leaf blower.

Leafs in the Garden

Leafs in the Garden

And where better can you find a great deal on a leaf blower? Right, on eBay!


No items matching your keywords were found.

Testing my new Macro Lens

Thanks to the Cashback action of Microsoft Live search on eBay, I was able to purchase a brand new Canon ef100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens.

I've been thinking of buying...dreaming of this lens for some time now, but was not able to put enough money aside for the purchase.

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And now, I have the lens... Here are my first test shots. This weekend I will take it outside to do some more testing.

Below here are: A Diet Coke can, The frame of our mirror, A Starts & Stripes pen and a toy birdy.

Macro-lens-pictures-CokeMacro-lens-pictures 004

Macro-lens-pictures 005 Macro-lens-pictures-beanbag

Adcommerce Spotted in the Wild

Last week eBay launched a new keyword buying program for eBay sellers: Adcommerce. Through Adcommerce you can put your store and listings in front of millions of active customers.

Welcome to eBay AdCommerce, the new service that enables sellers to boost the visibility of their eBay stores and eBay listings. AdCommerce provides a simple and effective way to reach millions of eBay users when they are ready to buy!

Use AdCommerce to advertise on eBay search result pages. Your customized text ads will be directly targeted to your desired audience by category or keyword.

Now that the system went live, you can spot these ads in the wild...

eBay Adcommerce

Todays Newpaper worth $100,-

Todays New York Times is going for $100 on eBay! I bet the paper is sold out everywhere.


Chumby at 25% discount

Finally I bought a Chumby, the little desktop computer on a Linux OS. For months I've been eying the little gadget, and today I finally pulled the trigger.

I bought the Chumby on eBay with the Microsoft Cashback promotion. Yesterday you could get a discount of 25% through Microsoft Live Search On all items with a buy-it-now price.chumby-25%-korting

A also still had two eBay giftcards, so the Chumby comes to me at a reasonable price.

I can't wait untill I get my Chumby.

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Chumby also opened a store on eBay to provide enough Chumbies. The Chumby was in big demand! Look for Chumbies in the Chumby Store.