Where is the Wireless Switch on a Dell Latitude E6410

Do you know where the Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E6410 is? Can you find the little switch that makes the build in wifi in your Dell Laptop un-usable? It seems Dell has learned its lesson to some extend, as they actually have placed the wireless switch in plain sight on the side of the laptop of the Latitude E6410 model.

Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E6410

I wrote about the Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E4300, after I got a new laptop. The little switch was hidden on the side. And although I felt like an idiot finding the switch was accidentally turned off, I was not the only one with the problem! Up to today, there are 42 comments from people who also had the problem finding the Wireless Switch on their Dell Laptop.

Hopefully the owners of the Latitude E6410 model do not have that same problem, if they do, they can just look at the picture on this page. The Wireless Switch is the little switch right above the earplug connector!


  1. alok says:

    Thanks buddy… I also faced the same problem 😀

  2. Okay says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dennis says:

      You are welcome.
      You would think the design department at Dell would do user testing and find this blog by doing regular searches on their brand, but I guess not, as their new computers still cary the wireless switch on the side of the laptop, hidden from user attention.


  3. sandra says:

    THANK you!!!! I have exactly the same problem this morning with my work labtop.

  4. Happy Wi-Fi User Again! says:

    I work for the largest telecommunications company in the world. Oh man, I thought I had to call India to get this resolved. Thank you so much! You have no idea …

  5. But which is on and off says:

    I also work for the largest telecoms company in the world and was worried about ringing tech support in India

    BUT…which side is on, which is off

    1. ditz says:

      Chicken or the egg… telecom huh?!

      You’ll notice when the blue wireless keyboard light turns off (upper left of keyboard).

      You can also tell when the wireless switch indicates the “off position” by using a red switch place setting (e.g. push switch back toward the rear of the machine or to the right and to the left of this switch button an indicator will appear in red).

      Good luck!

  6. Wendy says:

    Wow, I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to figure out where my network connections went… googled it, all those horrifying instructions to reset your ipconfig etc… and then found this. Even though I had not touched the switch and it was set to on, I just switched it off and on, rebooted and I’m up again. Thank you…

  7. milda says:

    thanks for the answer

  8. RAM says:


  9. LifeSaver says:

    I work with the IT Helpdesk for a pretty large organization. I almost had gave up while on a call where the user was unable to connect to the wireless network and the user was about to have a conference.
    I tries everything but to no avail, and the landed on this page.

    Voilla!! the user got the wireless network!!

    Thanks a ton!!

  10. This is also my problem, luckily i spotted this post. I almost got disappointed with this laptop. Thank you for providing us this post.

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    You’re such a big help! thanks!

  12. alejandro_eo says:

    I work for a global technology company and I am another one that felt like an stupid looking for this button. Thanks!