W0QQ Removal Case on SMX

Two days ago, I presented 3 eBay cases on SMX West in the session around Industrial Strength SEO. One of these 3 cases was based on the W0QQ legacy issue I blogged about 2 years ago. (full presentation only available for attendees of SMX West, or contact me)



If you don’t know what W0QQ is, I recommend searching for it on Google, and you might find:

W0QQ sniplet WTF

Essentially, the problem was that I wanted to have the W0QQ removed out of the eBay URL’s for longer time already. However, changing the URL’s on multiple really large sites is a huge project which is difficult to pull off. As described in my post from 2 years ago, the W0QQ URL’s were used as an example of what not to do:

Last week on SMX West a Google rep presented on URL structures (can somebody get me those slides). One part of her presentation was about MAVRICK URL's

Essentially, I got my job done by making a fool out of myself on an industry conference. It took only two months after I used the story how our URL’s were being used as an example of what not to do to make the necessary changes. Sometimes it pays off to be embarrassed in front of your industry peers…