Updating Footer Copyright Date is Soooo 2008!

Updating your footer links to display the right year for your copyright notice is sometimes a challenge for even big companies. With one months into the new year, there are a number of big companies, included mine, who still display 2008 as the copyrighted year.

For a blog on WordPress, this is quite easy to fix, as my friend Joost de Valk thought me. It's just through including the following php sniplet in your footer as the year:

<?php echo date('Y'); ?>

But what if you own a site that uses the current year in the url? You should update your url at the end of the year, and move your site over. I just cannot imagine the amount of time that is involved with that for somebody not familiar with the procedures.

Sometimes I see a URL in an Adsense block that triggers me. More because of the poorly chosen URL than the offer, because the example in this instance is clearly a "how to make money fast" website.


Salesmen No More
I Was Tired Of The Small Piece Of The Pie. Now I Am The BOss.


 The site it goes to is one of those "subscribe to my program and quit your day job" websites with all the so-called testimonials on why this program really works much better than all the other programs out there.


Is this guy permanently living on an island? I wonder how long it will take to have this guy realize that his site is Sooo 2008!