Ultimate Eye test, Will You Pass…???



  1. @shokthx I totally agree, I also love to get lots of traffic from Stumble, like this one: Free eye test! http://bit.ly/107yTp

  2. faizal says:

    i think i’ll pass it 😛

    1. Dennis says:


      I had to put up my glasses… or use a microscope.
      Aarghh, I’m getting old!

  3. Roman says:

    That’s awesome, I PASS, I PASS!

    1. Dennis says:

      So feel free to Tweet or Stumble… 😉

  4. techchuff says:

    who says masturbation makes you blind

  5. reds says:

    Might have been interesting if the picture had been in focus to begin with.

    I feel cheated.

  6. eyetest says:

    THIS is Funniest eye test chart i have seen. Im glad i had 2020 sight so i could see all the way to the bottom. Great find!!