Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is here

It's that time of the year again. With the Christmas time in December, now it is time to start searching for that Ugly Christmas Sweater for the company Ugly Christmas Sweater party. And where else can you find these Outrageous tacky Christmas sweaters than on eBay! Because who would buy a sexy ugly christmas sweater for full price...? Two years ago I wrote a post on how you would look sexy in that Ugly Christmas Sweater, as I had access to the internal eBay search data and spotted the trend of the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. For a year long, I worked on seeding the story with our PR team, to prepare for the 2010 Ugly Christmas parties. I used the example in my presentation at the Blueglass Conference in Ford Lauderdale, and wrote another story on why you should be early in the game for the most hideous Christmas Sweater on eBay.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party invitation

Feel free to use the image above here as you Ugly Christmas Sweater party invitation

Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is here

From my internal Statistics I can see the season for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters is here again.

Ugly Christmas Sweater seasonal traffic
Last year, up to $1.5 million in Ugly Christmas Sweaters were sold on eBay, where there was no merchandising on the homepage nor other places were done.
So get you Ugly Christmas Sweater as soon as possible before they are selling out.

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