Twitter Fake Profiles

And once again, a social media scam is breaking out. I now get messages from Twitter profiles that only include a short URL with a sexy looking girl as a profile picture.


I’m not going to click on the link, as I suspect it will either take me to a Made for Adsense site, or to a site that will install some malware.


  1. If you use (an alternative web interface for Twitter) it expands short links before you click them so you know where they go without getting up to your eyeballs in pr0n/malware/ads.

  2. Dennis says:

    Does TwitIQ have a plugin for Tweetdeck.
    I do all my tweeting through Tweetdeck, so it’s hard to see the actual url embedded in the short url.

    It’s interesting that Mr. Spammer always tries to play the same game: rip pictures from Myspace from pretty young girls, and try to build a profile on the newest social media sites. I’ve seen this happen on StumbleUpon two years ago.