Serious Karaoke in China

Karaoke is an important and serious deal for the Chinese. They love it, and where we, as Europeans just joke around in the Karaoke box, these guys are really good in singing with a passion.   


You sit in a rather big room with each other and enjoy yourself with performances of your group mates. It’s a lot of fun, especially as there is some alcohol flowing.


Shanghai Visit First Impressions

On our trip to Shanghai, we have hardly any time to go sightseeing. Although there is some time later reserved in the agenda to go visit some of the obvious tourist traps, I have to do it right now with our daily trip to the office and the diners with our hosts.

However, even with that limited number of opportunities to smell the atmosphere in this big Chinese city, we are enjoying ourselves pretty good. The hosts are great, take us to wonderful restaurants and really show us around and tell us about the history of the city.

Shanghai is currently building a complete new road net, which will be ready within a couple of months for the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. You see construction everywhere, but I’m confident they will be finished by the time the Expo 2010 will start.

Here are some impressions through my lens: