Target Customers are Getting targeted with Phishing Email

Update: My friend George set me straight. After posting this blogpost on Twitter, he responded that the domain the email was sent from IS actually a Target domain.

Target ESP domain looks like Phishing
Target probably never got around to implement a new domain to send their emails from. Now they look like a phishing email to people like me.

Target customers can't get a break from cyber crime. First it was the credit & debit cards which information was captured at the point of sale systems, now there are phishing attempts going on targeting Target customers. The following email landed in the inbox of my wife:

Target customers are getting targeted with Phishing email

The message of the email: a public Mea Culpa, and a promise you will be protected as a Target customer in an identity protection program paid by Target. Just click the link, and fill out all of your information...

Luckily my wife didn't fall for this one, as she is suspicious about all these kind of emails, and I have told her many times how many spoof emails eBay customers always were getting. And if you look closer, the email address from where the email was sent is not even spoofed. Amateurs...

I feel for those Target customers who got their credit card information stolen, and now become a victim of another scam on top of that. Protect yourself, learn how to identify those emails that look like the real thing, but essentially aren't. Educate yourself on cyber crime!