Tacky Christmas Sweater – Ugly ones on Sale

The day before Thanksgiving is probably your last chance to get yourself that Ugly Christmas Sweater for the Ugly Christmas Sweater office party next week! And believe me, this year there are going to be even more Christmas Sweater Parties than last year. The Craze is complete! It's the season...Now also in the UK!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Are you ready for The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

According to my monthly traffic displayed below on the articles about the Ugly Christmas Sweaters, traffic is several multiples vs last year.

Ugly Christmas Sweater party traffic

Top Christmas Sweater Keywords

It's interesting to see the keywords people use when they search for an ugly sweater to wear to the office Christmas party. And although the top keywords driving traffic have not changed that much, only in the amount of visitors these were bringing going up, the long tail has grown significantly. Where in 2010 Q4 only 423 keywords containing the word Christmas were driving traffic, in 2011 that number has grown to 706 keywords, where the quarter is not even finished yet!

Top keywords for 2010 Christmas Sweater season were:

  1. Sexy Christmas Sweaters
  2. Outrageous Christmas Sweaters
  3. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  5. Sexy Christmas Sweater

Top keywords for 2011 Christmas Sweater season are:

  1. Sexy Christmas Sweaters
  2. Outrageous Christmas Sweaters
  3. Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  4. Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater
  5. Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Long tail keywords being used this year are:
  • Naughty Christmas Sweaters
  • Funny Christmas Jumpers
  • Hideous Christmas Jumpers
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater Parties now also in the UK

Where last year the search referral traffic to my site was primarily concentrated in the US and a little in Canada, this year the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party seems to be breaking though in the UK and Ireland too. We see that also in the keywords being used in the search referrals, as Tacky and Jumper are more used in the UK than in the US!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party invitation

So get ready and buy your But Ugly Christmas Sweater before Thanksgiving to have it shipped to you in time for that crazy Chistmas Sweater party next week!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is here

It's that time of the year again. With the Christmas time in December, now it is time to start searching for that Ugly Christmas Sweater for the company Ugly Christmas Sweater party. And where else can you find these Outrageous tacky Christmas sweaters than on eBay! Because who would buy a sexy ugly christmas sweater for full price...? Two years ago I wrote a post on how you would look sexy in that Ugly Christmas Sweater, as I had access to the internal eBay search data and spotted the trend of the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. For a year long, I worked on seeding the story with our PR team, to prepare for the 2010 Ugly Christmas parties. I used the example in my presentation at the Blueglass Conference in Ford Lauderdale, and wrote another story on why you should be early in the game for the most hideous Christmas Sweater on eBay.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party invitation

Feel free to use the image above here as you Ugly Christmas Sweater party invitation

Ugly Christmas Sweater Season is here

From my internal Statistics I can see the season for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters is here again.

Ugly Christmas Sweater seasonal traffic
Last year, up to $1.5 million in Ugly Christmas Sweaters were sold on eBay, where there was no merchandising on the homepage nor other places were done.
So get you Ugly Christmas Sweater as soon as possible before they are selling out.

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Buy Your Ugly Christmas Sweater on eBay!

Back in 2009 I wrote a post on the phenomenon Ugly Christmas Sweater on eBay. Around the holiday season, there are so many Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, that people flock to eBay to buy one. (if you want to buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater for the cheap, buy it off season, buy it now!)

I made it my mission back in 2009 to improve the rankings for eBay on Ugly Christmas Sweater, as there is a lot of money to be made selling these sweaters. Off course there might be more lucrative products to promote, but sometimes I just like to focus on one particular keyword or product to push the boundaries.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Campaign

During the year, I presented my findings, data and insights on industry conferences. When the Christmas season of 2010 was approaching, I started to pitch the story to the eBay PR team. At first, they had no interest, as the Ugly Christmas Sweater is not a really sexy product to talk about with main stream publications. However, when I showed the increase in number of searches on the site over the days running up to Christmas, suddenly we had a story.

Ugly Christmas Sweater banner

There were two main drivers in the campaign:

  1. We worked on a story: “How to sell your Ugly Holiday Sweater on eBay” which was posted by Fattwallet.
  2. We worked on a story around the internal eBay data. Search volume, number of sold sweaters and the value of these Ugly Christmas Sweaters. This story was pitched to mainstream journalist.

Story Pick-Up

The campaign was reasonable successful, as we got good pick up from a number of people who heard me speak about the yearly trend, and linked to the search page on eBay for Ugly Christmas Sweater. The blog post on Fattwallet had a clean link to this same search page, which obviously helped in the success.

The PR push was less successful. The Wall Street Journal ran a story regarding the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties and the rise in the demand for Ugly Sweaters. This sounds great, however, the WSJ linked within their story to their own eBay Tag page, showing how Black Hole SEO is done*! (I purposely don’t link to the WSJ here!). Instead, after providing the Christmas Sweater story, data and insights to the journalist, they ran with it, while linking to some mom- and pop site, but not to eBay.

Selling more Ugly Christmas Sweaters than ever

Christmas 2010 season, the Ugly Christmas Sweater was one hot item on eBay! Although the search volume on the site for the keyword: “Ugly Christmas Sweater” was lower than the year before (see graph below), there were actually more sweaters sold than ever!

Ugly Christmas Sweater searches on eBay

Moving up in Rankings

Months later, I just casually checked the rankings for Ugly Christmas Sweater, and guess what… our campaign has helped the eBay page to move up in rankings. On my SERP, the page was positioned at #2 :)

SERP for Ugly Christmas Sweater, eBay ranks #2

The red box shows the organic ranking for eBay page, the green boxes give the Google Product search and the Paid Product Ad listings for Ugly Christmas Sweaters on eBay.

Christmas 2011 Season

For the next Christmas Sweater season, organize a Sweater party yourself and remember, go to eBay to buy your Ugly Christmas Sweater!

* I wrote a post on how Engadget is doing black hole SEO as well…

That Ugly Christmas Sweater Makes You look Sexy…

“That Ugly Christmas Sweater makes you look Sexy…”

Christmas hatWith Christmas coming up closer, you might find yourself without that Ugly Christmas Sweater you need to wear to the Ugly Christmas Sweater party your friends are organizing. And although you hate the theme of the party, who would like to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater anyway, you don’t want to stand out in that designer shirt and hipster suit when everybody is wearing the most ugly sweater they could find for Christmas!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Every year you hear about the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. How would you organize an ugly sweater party? First; make a funny invitation with you wearing the most hideous Christmas sweater you can find. Second; you have to make sure all your guests will know where to buy an ugly Christmas Sweater to wear at your party. Third; make sure you have your camera ready to shoot all your guest wearing their outrageous dog scaring Christmas sweaters.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

You will have a blast doing all of this!

And where can you buy your Ugly Christmas Sweater better than eBay. There is a broad selection of sweaters available right now. And it seems that the sellers have seen the increase in demand just recently, as there are more and more Ugly Xmas Sweaters coming online. The Ugly Christmas Sweater keyword is even almost as big as Christmas itself in terms of searches on the site:

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Would you look good in that Ugly Christmas Sweater? Just repeat after me:

“You look good in that outfit, that Ugly Christmas Sweater makes you look SEXY…”

Images attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramseymohsen/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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