Would You Buy This

Would you buy a doll that looks just like your child? My Twin Doll promises just that, a doll shaped and modeled like your child.

Give the gift of a My Twinn doll, and let your special girl design her own. Gift package has everything she'll need to personalize a doll!

There is just one review of the product on Amazon, but it has 5 stars...

Both of my younger daughters have these dolls, they are very well made, and quite large almost 2 feet tall. I like that you can get the girls and dolls matching clothes. The clothes are cute and of decent quality. Its more expensive than your average doll but is so much nicer and if your daughter takes care of her, you can keep her as a keepsake, even if she is overloved they have a dolly hospital and will restore her to original condition for a price. This is good doll for those girls who are actually doll girls, meaning they take their dolls with them everywhere and play with them alot or for a keepsake.....

...overall a nice product.

I guess the doll is quite new. My Twin Doll