Positive Thinking

Are you thinking positive? Are you really? Thinking positive goes beyond the cliché of the half glass full or the half glass empty. Thinking positive is a state of mind, and showing insight to yourself and other people even without thinking about it. Thinking positive will make other people smile, be more productive, get the most out of people, lead people to accomplish wonderful jobs, encourage people to do whatever they haven’t done before and most important heal sorrow or losing somebody you love.

Just the other day, one of my best friends texted me. The situation with her father has gone down hill, and it would not be long for him to say goodbye to his loved ones. What can you say at such a moment to your friend you have known for over 22 years. What can you say at the moment she is about to loose her father. What can you say from 5,00o miles  distance.

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to look at things. Just today somebody said to me, "I spend the coldest days ever in Amsterdam. It was back in February two years ago. It was so cold". I responded: "You are lucky you were there in February, you only had 28 cold days". He laughed and said: “Dennis, you are always so positive”. And before I knew it, I did it. I’d sent some positive energy into the world with the simple words of wisdom meant as a joke.

I hope I can soon tell this joke to my friend and we can laugh together again. It probably won’t be for a couple of weeks, at least not until we meet again when I travel to The Netherlands. But I’ll make sure I send her this post if the time has come. I know one person deserves some positive energy right now! I hope she can share it with her family…