Silicon Valley Roller Girls

Hot-August-Fights Saturday evening, time to get out of the house. On upcoming I stumbled on an event I have never been: Women's Flat Track Roller Derby. San Jose has it’s own team, the SVRG, short for; the Silicon Valley Roller Girls.

A roller derby is exciting. The two teams try to score points and block the other team at the same time, to avoid they score any points. As the girls are on roller skates, and the track is fairly narrow, you can be sure that there are one or two casualties in a couple of rounds.

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 059

I didn’t know the rules, but in the book I could find the general rules.

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 013

All players had interesting names and funny helmets.

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 008Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 060

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 012

The Derby was not close at all, SVRG swiped the floor with their opponents.   

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 090

Before you go sit somewhere, make sure you check if the seating is not dangerous. You might want to sit somewhere else if you see this sign on the ground:

Silicon-Valley-Roller-Girls 058