Photographer; Clean Your Lens

Sometimes you whished you had checked the photograph before you ate the subject! In the case I’m going to describe you, it does not matter too much, as I can easily get more sushi for new photo’s. But if you don’t check your photo’s, you can be in for a surprise!

Tonight I got a bunch of fresh Sushi. And I didn’t only ate it, I took some really nice close up Macro shots from the Sashimi and the rolls. If only I had made sure my lens was lean prior to the snapping of multiple shots, I would have gotten some nice pictures of the raw fish.

Let this be a lesson for me! Always check your gear prior to your shooting. I’m ashamed already that there was a little hair on my lens. Who doesn’t keep their gear clean!!!

Here is one of the pictures of the sushi with the hair on the left side. Can you spot it…?