Spit: Spam on Twitter

How do you call Spam on Twitter? Right Spit. And how do you call a Spammer on Twitter, right a Spitter.

Spit is becoming worse on Twitter the more popular Twitter is becoming. Just check the Tweet below here, your typical form of Spit.


Please Help! I need lot of $ to maintain my study cost. Click my ads to help me http;//abcw.tk Joey Chesnut Kobayashi Fireworks France

The last couple of words are the trending topics at this moment. Clearly the Spitter is trying to get more traffic by including these in the Tweet, so the Spit comes up whenever somebody is searching for one of these topics.

Here is another one:


★ Make money with twitter ★ http://linkr.us/z1A ★ happy independence day july 4 fireworks fourth god bless america joey chestnut wimbledon 2

Now this Spitter even tries to draw the attention to the Spit using some stars in between teh different words.