Why I Like SMX Advanced

So many blog posts are already touching the quality of the speakers and the learning's on SMX Advanced. I have complete other reasons to like SMX Advanced.

  1. There is no conference other than SMX Advanced which serves better food. I must say, the lunches are terrific! Today, the Cannoli was wonderful. I went for the desert. As soon as I got back to the table, even Rand was leaving his food and went for the desert.
  2. There is plenty of breakfast, and time to eat it in the morning. No long lines, getting the last couple of crumbs of bread with cold coffee.
  3. The breaks in between sessions are long enough to get some refreshments or hit to the toilet. You can even get some blog posts up in the breaks, so that you can focus your time in the afternoon on a quick nap, before it’s party time
  4. Talking about parties. While on SMX you can be sure of good parties, before, during and after the show. Thank you sponsors!
  5. The weather in Seattle this time of year is awesome. One comment I heard: “I have to come from Southern California to see the sun”
  6. The conference is the right size. No 5000 people hanging around, asking beginners questions. The show has sold out every year so far. Sold out means sold out!

I’m already looking forward to next year SMX Advanced.

HHmm NomNom Cannoli


Good coverage on SMX:

Especially the life blogging posts from Lisa Barone from Outspoken media are really good. A lot of tweets were flying by from people who were asking how she could life blog AND tweet at the same time, at such a rapid pace. It’s incredible how she is able to describe the sessions and be so funny in her posts.

Good start at SMX

What a great start for me at the SMX search conference. I lost my badge walking back from the cocktail hour on Monday. It was great to catch up with a lot of folks.

In the Jane & Robot session the W0QQ example is called out again. I can’t wait for our train to roll out now, as we are about to remove the legacy issue of the double encoding. I’m planning to print a T-Shirt for both Vanessa & Maile for them to ware on a next conference. That would be fun :-)


Nathan is being put on the spot a couple of times for Bing. I must say I really like the picture that is shown on the Bing homepage right now. I guess it’s because it makes me think about how beautiful my country really can be. Sometimes I get homesick!