Popular Day of the Week

Building on my post on the seasonal traffic I get on my San Francisco Tips website (the site is in Dutch), where I concluded most of Dutch folks are looking for their summer holiday in January!Today I just took a look at the day of the week that is driving most traffic, which most interesting implies the Dutch are blocking their Sunday for summer holiday research!

Below you can see the traffic on my San Francisco Tips website from December 1st, until January 24th on a daily basis. All the Sundays are highlighted, where these Sundays represent the day with highest number of visits of the week.


Apart from Christmas or New Year, it’s a pretty consistent picture!

Seasonal Travel Traffic

There is just so much you can get out of running your own niche websites. Apart from making some extra cash in affiliate and advertising revenue from a specialized website, you can also learn when the bigger trends in the niche coming in season again.

For my San Francisco Tips website in Dutch, I can see that the people in The Netherlands starting to think and research their summer holiday options in early January. For three years I’ve seen the same trend happening for my site with tips for San Francisco.


Here you see that traffic is increasing significant for the first two weeks after the new year has started. Amazing how consistent this is over the years.