Rua dos Holandeses Sao Paulo

I wonder how many people were celebrating the victory of the Dutch soccer team on Brazil on the World Cup in South Africa this year on this street. It IS the Street of the Dutch (Rua dos Holandeses) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Sunday Afternoon Drinks in Sao Paulo

For Searchlabs, I traveled all the way to Brazil Sao Paulo. I will be speaking on Thursday on SEO for large websites. In the coming days, I will describe how my first trip on the Southern Hemisphere is proceeding.


On Sunday morning I arrived in Sao Paulo after a trip of more than 17 hours. I flew over Chicago, where I just had a short lay over due to the cancellation of a complete flight from United Airlines. Luckily I had somebody in Sao Paulo I knew from a few years ago, who would make time to show me around. Juliano Motta used to work for Mercado Libre, and we met at one of our Marketing Colleges in San Jose years ago. We stayed in touch over the years, and it is always good to see old friends after some time.

Juliano picked me up from my hotel and we went for a couple of drinks on a square with live music, for dinner at a restaurant hidden from the main roads, something you would never find if you didn’t know it, we walked into a last Sunday of the month Samba practice on a small basketball field, and ended up going to two different places with live music, while finishing off the evening having burgers at 3.30 am.

Here are some of the pictures that speak to the story above here!



live-music-sao-paulo-sunday-afternoon live-music-sao-paulo

Picture below: Street hamburgers from the back of a car in Sao Paulo


Here is a video of the Samba practice, only happening on the last Sunday of the months.