Revenge on Melissa Bachman for Killing a Lion

With the news of Melissa Bachman shooting a lion in Africa, posing above the corps of the lion, and posting the pictures on Twitter & Facebook. Would Melissa not have thought this could be a big deal, seriously, shooting a lion is a major no-go in my opinion. And most of the world think the same! You think she would have learned from the Bob Parsons video shooting an elephant in Africa. The Google search results show what is happening in more details, where the fresh results based on the searches from around the world are changing with the days based on what the media is reporting.

The first screenshot of the Google search is showing the results for the search "Melissa Bachman" how it looked like 2 days ago. Not so much special to report, just a couple of her own webpages and social media profiles:
Melissa Bachman not yet killing a lion Google SERP

Now, the following screenshot was taken today, where you not only see the outcry of the worlds media being mad about Melissa Bachman shooting a lion for no particular reason, but only for fun. The search results also shows Melissa Bachman will have a reputation management problem for the weeks, months and hopefully years to come. Just imagine her grand kids are searching for what their family is known for, do you think they would appreciate the fact their ancestors were killing lions, which might as well be extinct at that time.

Here is the Search results for Melissa Bachman today, check out how many are describing the lion killings!

Melissa Bachman killing a lion search results

Here are a couple of articles from around the web:

With a little Google Bombing, these will be around for a while..

Cease and Desist Changed My Blogging

A cease and desist letter I received today made me think about how I would like to be perceived online. Am I writing an interesting blog if I receive a cease and desist letter? That depends, but in this case, it opened up my eyes and made me change the way I want to be perceived online.

Receiving a cease and desist letter

Somewhere in April, I read about a Google employee being sued by a well known affiliate guru in the industry for trademark infringement. The case was later settled, and according to the letter the whole case was based on a misunderstanding in which the defended of the case did not had any responsibility:

Public record information disclosed in the Nebraska litigation established that the reason for the trademarked term found its way into the sponsored link was due to the error of a Google employee other than [name changed to protect the innocent]. This has been publicly confirmed by Google.

The cease and desist letter was speaking of defamatory of the reputation of the lawyer’s client. The title; claiming the client needed a new reputation as his name was being called out in numerous blog posts, was defamatory according to the lawyer.

A mistake was made. In the letter, sent through registered mail, it was written;

A print out of that posting is enclosed

No print out was enclosed. Now I’m not a lawyer, but I’m sure that I could proceed in demanding a print out, as they made a mistake not to enclose a print out.

The lawyer demands that I take down the post which; according to the cease and desist letter. has been so defamatory and libelous. I’ve been thinking about how to handle the case and what my options are. Without asking advise from a lawyer I made my decision.

My response

As I don’t think my title is defamatory and the incomplete letter, missing the print out of the posting, gives me a feeling I’m standing pretty strong in my right to post this, I’ve decided to take down the post. Reason being is simple, I think I have created crap content by writing this post, something I accused the client of this lawyer off.

The client is engaged in selling “make money fast, get rich quick” websites. I hate these sites, and I’ve written numerous times about these. Especially about the ads on Facebook or Google. As the client is not only making money with these websites, but also works for Google, I found it pretty interesting to write about. After all, Google is putting the hammer down on the Google Money Tree. Not that he is exploiting a website that is robbing people from their money, but still.

By writing this crap, I actually created more crap on the Internet. I decided today, that I don’t want to be part of the clutter and creating crap on the Internet. This cease and desist letter has changed the way I might think about writing on this blog. This cease and desist letter has changed my view on possible topic sourcing. I hope this cease and desist letter will make me a better blogger!

I’ve taken the post down and redirected the URL to this page. Not because I think the lawyer has a case against me, but simply because I don’t have the time to get distracted by these nonsense. I have much better things to do, and will not let myself be dragged into a long civil case over something that I could have prevented, even though I’m not that concerned. It’s just not worth the energy and lawyers costs!

What a reputation defenders, just send out a couple of these cease and desist letters, and most of the defamatory and libelous postings will be removed from the first page of Google. Problem in this case is, for every posting that is removed through a cease and desist letter, there are more that will pop-up from page 2 and beyond. I guess the only winner here is the lawyer, who will be sending a lot of these letters to take down postings.