Sunday Smoothie 6: Apple, Banana, Pear and Peach

With the summer almost at an end, the fruity fruit are delicious and sweet. So, Sunday morning, the first trip out is to  the farmers market to pick up some fresh fruit for the Sunday Smoothie.

Today we picked up Apples, Pears and Peaches and a lot of Bananas. To give the smoothie some extra bite, I added Mint and a lot of Basil.

peach apple pear smoothie

  • Apples; fresh apples help cleanse the system, lower blood cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar level up and aid digestion. Apples help to eliminate toxins in the system. Apples contain vitamins A and some vitamins B and C. Apples also are high in two important phytochemicals: pectin and boron.
  • Banana; use bananas for fruity smoothies. Bananas are antiulcer, antibacterial, they boost immunity and lower the blood cholesterol levels. Due to their ability to strengthen the surface cells of the stomach lining and protect them against acids, bananas are recommended when you have an ulcer. Bananas thicken the mixture and add a fresh fruit flavor to the smoothie
  • Peach; peaches are full with antioxidants, rich in vitamin A and potassium. Peaches also contain Boron, niacin, some iron and Vitamin C. Peaches can help against cancer or heart disease. Although they contain low sugar, peaches taste very sweet. They can make the smoothie a little thick, so combined with bananas, you might need a spoon.
  • Pear; pears are a good source of vitamin C. They can add a sweet taste to the smoothie. Just make sure the pears you use are not hard, but ripe enough so they can add to the liquidity of the smoothie. Pears protect the colon too.
  • Mint; although mint is now days used a lot in tea, you can perfectly give your smoothie an extra bite by using a couple of leaves of mint in it. Mint can help to treat stomach ache or chest pain. Mint also helps digestion in a way that it breaks down the fats. Because if this, mint is sometimes recommended for treatment of obesity. Fresh mint leaves need to be used immediately, or stored in a plastic bag for just a couple of days in the refrigerator.
  • Basil; can help you with your indigestion nervous tension, stress and tension headaches. Just use 1-3 leaves in your smoothie per each cup.

Peeling the fruit is the most work. After this, it’s easy, just blend!


The smoothie’s viscosity is pretty high because of the banana’s and the peaches. The strawberries were floating on top of the thick smoothie.