Shameful use of Pakistan Flood Disaster to Gain SEO Links and Traffic

IMPORTANT: Donate money to the Pakistan relief charity funds, find links at the bottom of this post!

Update: I changed the title from Pakistan Floodbait: The End of The Info-Graphic into Shameful use of Pakistan Flood Disaster to Gain SEO Links and Traffic for the following reason.

Everybody who knows and works with me knows I like the Info-graphics trend in Link Bait. These visual representations of mostly data and facts about any kind of topic, makes the story so much more consumable for the average reader. And I know, as I’m the average reader, I include myself in this group!

There are so many people jumping on the wagon of Info-graphics as a form of link building, that it almost becomes irrelevant. The cool kids are already moving on, and finding new ways of building links. Info-graphics will soon lose its value on the Internet. Why? Because there are companies like who try to gain links using the Pakistan Flooding disaster to get ahead and get more business (I don’t place any link, because I despise the company for its actions, see for full story below).  Take a look at the image below here.

At first sight, I liked the info-graphic as it calls to the attention to the major humanity problem which is greatly ignored; the flooding in Pakistan. The info-graphic is very clear and focused on the floods in Pakistan and lack of clean water or any help for the people suffering in Pakistan.

discount-voucher-pakistan-flooding Above the Info-graphic you can find the following text (original info-graphic can be found on: :

Flooding began in Pakistan in July 2010 caused by monsoon rains affecting the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab as well as parts of Baluchistan. It is thought that at least 2000 people have been killed and over 20 million are now destitute and suffering. We've created this infographic to demonstrate the scale of the disaster and the amount of relief that is still required. A link to a reputable charity can be found at the bottom of the graphic

Yes, they do place a link to a charity, a no-follow link! Let me correct these guys and place a good link to this charity, while I’m donating money at the same time. Donate for Pakistan Flood Appeal. I ask you all to donate to the flood relief as well, as more help is really needed! (More links for charity or help funds can be found at the bottom of this post).

One can ask himself what relevance discount vouchers have to the flooding and disaster in Pakistan. Are the Pakistani going to get a discount voucher from these Brits to any clean water? Is Discount Vouchers going to charter a plane with help packages of food after they got 10K links from this info-graphic? No, it does not seems so… is simply using a disaster in a far away land where so many people are suffering to get ahead in the search engines by combining this info-graphic for link building purposes. Their embed code is full of keyword rich anchor tags. Those keywords they would like to rank on…

DiscountVouchers - 2 for 1 Discount Vouchers

Here is the full code, where I removed any html links to prevent from passing on link juice.

<p><a href="" _fcksavedurl=""><img src="" _fcksavedurl="" border="0" alt="DiscountVouchers" /></a></p><p>Infographic by <a href=""> DiscountVouchers - 2 for 1 Discount Vouchers</a></p>

As soon as one company gets a ton of incoming links using this kind of technique, competitors will follow to try to compete in the market place. And as soon as you go this route, it’s a slippery slope. Bam, Info-graphics are doomed! What has the world of link building come to; disaster relief link bait..?

I will know pledge myself not to get involved into any of these link building schemes, and will not link to this site, ever!

More places to donate for charity, clean water or Pakistan flood relief (taken from the list of The Huffington Post, I bet they don’t mind I’m copying as it’s for a good cause)

Update: I originally wrote the infographic was placed on This has to be, which is a completely different site.