Link Building through Syndication, Venturebeat example

The popular technology blog Venturebeat has been in a content syndication partnership with The New York Times for several months already. Every post on Venturebeat is re-published in the Technology section of The New York Times. Venturebeat is not the only one as syndication partner, also GigaOM, ReadWriteWeb and IDG are partners.

Venturebeat is the only of these partners who is fully taking advantage from the partnership when it comes to link building. All syndicated content contains links at the bottom which cover: 1) Tags about the post 2) Companies mentioned in the post 3) People mentioned in the post. See image below on this article.


All these links go directly to a very clean url on Venturebeat, with a keyword rich anchor. On the pages on Venturebeat, the posts for that specific tag, company or people are aggregated. Below here the page for Jeff Bezos and Amazon, where you can see that the content is not always the same, but slightly different.


You can say Venturebeats takes full advantage off the syndication partnership with The New York Times. The links at the bottom of each article are not only great access points for crawlers to discover the Venturebeat content, these also carry some good SEO value from a trusted source of The New York Times.